Prototyping Change

Today, Breaking the Ice is in full puberty mode:

It celebrates its 15th Birthday, and it wants YOU to be there.

Its Birthday party is on May the 4th (be with you...), and it starts around 5 pm with presentations by some impact entrepreneurs and NGOs

The perfect place for our Birthday party is the EISWERK Рa derelict ICE factory down by the river Spree (Köpenicker Str. 41), equipped to club standard with bar, stage and toilets. There will be live music, dancing, party (no techno!) and: founders of impact-enterprises from Africa and the Middle East, as well as NGOs we love. Proceeds (after cost!) go partly towards Jugend rettet e.V. (iuventa) and Shon (singer of band YY, who suffered a racist attack in January and is almost blind ever since) - as well as (30% per cent) to Breaking the Ice for its next project. Stay tuned! And come along.